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Studies Show: Front Doors are the First Thing People see in a Home’s Impression

Have you ever noticed the first impression you get in a home, whether on a walk in your neighborhood, driving through new neighborhoods, or even seeking a new home, is given by viewing the front entry door? Many would argue that the first impression given by a home’s exterior would rather be the front landscaping, paint, home architecture, etc. However, a recent study and article done by the NY Times show the importance of a grand home entrance (front entry door) weighs on your home’s curb, value, and first impression, as studies show that a front entry door in a ho me is the first thing people see in any home’s first impression. And, as we have all heard, making a great first impression is most important rather than making a second, third, or any other impression, even in your home.

Curb appeal allow can account for up to seven percent of a home’s sale price, and specifically in Phoenix, Arizona, alongside with many cities across the United States, upgrading/implementing a wrought iron door in your home has been growing rapid year-over-year in many homes, making iron doors, specifically a front iron door, a great opportunity for any home. Here are a few reasons why upgrading to an iron entry door with Absolute Iron Doors can be viewed beneficial for that first factor everyone looks at first in a home:

Set yourself different from your neighbors

There is no doubt that modern urban design has always established difference between areas, communities, and even neighborhoods. Difference in architecture, designs, and appeals are what makes homes unique and you, and the addition of a wrought iron door can do that for you. Wrought iron doors offer timeless style and design that increase curb appeal to be able to set yourself unique to your neighbor, showcasing your design taste, while taking advantage to many other benefits of an iron door. Because let’s face it, nobody strives to have a home look identical to a neighbor, and standing out in our neighborhood with an iron door can make a difference

Express your personal style

Whether you’re a fan of a traditional style door, with Mediterranean style wrought iron scrollwork, or our Modern or Modern Farmhouse iron doors, it is important to set and express your personal style with your front door choice in your home. Each design or style iron door creates a statement not only for your home, however yourself as well. Every person that steps foot into your home views your entryway and can set standards high especially when implementing a wrought iron door, especially as they are on the trend upwards, without major introduction of front iron doors yet.

Still don’t agree. We at Absolute Iron Doors challenge you to try inspecting and authorizing a home’s exterior appeal (in person or online) without viewing the main entrance, specifically the entry door. Your front door has big shoes to fill and upgrading to an iron door that is gorgeous will change the home’s entire dynamic. Absolute Iron Doors can provide you an iron door for your home, and even handle all services. Check our our live inventory at

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